Earth & Jazz
posted: June 7, 2010

My contribution to the "Earth: Fragile Planet" exhibit currently on view at the Society of Illustrators in NYC. It's an important show worth seeing, with many drawgers work included.
The Society gallery is opened until 8pm tomorrow (Tues. 6/8). Anyone planning to stop by might want to pop upstairs to the sketch night, where I'll be playing with Barry Blitt and Michael Sloan. We'll be joined by special guest, jazz guitar great Ken Wessel.
Bring a sketch pad. Two models, live music, cash bar. 6:30-9:30, $15. 128 East 63rd Street.
john cuneo June 7, 2010
This is beautiful drawing Joe. Lovely work with the watercolor as well. Sure would be nice as a poster ( it's a great choice by SI to use it for the entry.)
Kyle T Webster June 7, 2010
This is stunning. When you use black, it feels like a rich, saturated color somehow. The purple in the mama bear's face and the setting sun are great touches.
Stephen Kroninger June 7, 2010
another beauty, Joe.
Jim Paillot June 7, 2010
And that's how it's done. What a beauty, Joe.
Victor Juhasz June 7, 2010
Solid, painfully beautiful piece.
Roberto Parada June 7, 2010
Nicely done Joe.
Steve Brodner June 8, 2010
C'est magnifique.
Mark Fisher June 8, 2010
Very nice Joe. The tight cropping really strengthens it.
Flaherty June 8, 2010
Very sweet (sad) drawing Joe. Not heavy handed. Got to catch the show.
Ellen Weinstein June 8, 2010
Beautiful, subtle and powerful drawing, Joe.
Zina Saunders June 8, 2010
It was great seeing this in person, and you as well, on Friday.
Tim OBrien June 8, 2010
Great image Joe.
Drew Friedman June 8, 2010
That's a wonderful image. Perfect.
Joe Ciardiello June 8, 2010
Thanks for the comments. I was afraid it might have been a bit too sentimental.
hanoch June 8, 2010
Joe it is a beauty. I specially like the water surface you created. Looking forward to see it in person too.
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