Randy, where art thou?
posted: July 19, 2010
Seeing Randy Enos's photo in Chris Spollen's previous post got me thinking...
anyone else miss his posts? I sure do.
Kyle T Webster July 19, 2010
I miss them, too, Joe.
Victor Juhasz July 19, 2010
Randy was on fire not that long ago. Wassup?
Michael Sloan July 19, 2010
Randy, I miss you, too. You've added such a positive presence to the blog.
Zina Saunders July 19, 2010
Randy's posts were my favorites on Drawger; it isn't the same since he's been gone. Randy, come back!!!
Nancy Stahl July 19, 2010
I got to see Randy at his talk last week. It was great but made me miss his presence on these pages even more. Incomparable stories, equally fantastic drawings... the best entertainment on drawger.
Robert Saunders July 19, 2010
I hadn't noticed that much time had gone by, but I can always dig another report from the slanted board of our resident illustration historian.
john cuneo July 19, 2010
I can always use a hit of Enos.
Marc July 19, 2010
One of the best things about this site.
Joe Ciardiello July 19, 2010
They absolutely should be a book, Zimm. I hope Randy knows that you've compiled them in one place.
Richard Downs July 19, 2010
I miss, Randy. We all miss, Randy. His posts had insight and great fun.
Hal Mayforth July 20, 2010
It's LumpenWorld around here without Randy!
Christoph Hitz July 20, 2010
Randy is tooooo funny for this place!
John Dykes July 20, 2010
Indeed - a Drawger pillar.
Jeff Moores July 21, 2010
I think he's been shoveling too much horse poop?
Mark Fisher July 21, 2010
Ran-dy, Ran-dy, Ran-dy
J.D. King July 30, 2010
Yeah, where'd he go?!
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