Jersey Shore
posted: February 23, 2011

As with most drawings done for myself, this one started out as an "unconcious" doodle... just playing around with some source material and developed from there.
Boardwalk Empire is a terrific HBO series produced by Martin Scorsese, who also directed the premier episode. It stars the always great Steve Buscemi as (partly fictional) 1920's Atlantic City boss, Nucky Thompson. Can't wait for season 2.
Stephen Kroninger February 23, 2011
Pretty much entirely fictional. The series is kind of The Sopranos transported back to a mythical Atlantic City of the prohibition era. The real story of Nucky Johnson's rule is quite different and fascinating in its own right. That said, the show is great as is your drawing.
Joe Ciardiello February 23, 2011
You're right Stephen, the Nucky character is only slightly based on the real Nucky Johnson, which is why they changed the last name allowing for more creative license with the story.
Victor Juhasz February 23, 2011
Who cares about historical accuracy? LOVE this drawing. That's what counts. I once had a Boston native who apparently was "connected" tell me THE DEPARTED was pure BS as well. But I loved that movie even so. When I told him I was an illustrator he responded, "Oh, now I get it. Now I know why you liked it. You're responding from an artistic point of view."
Stephen Kroninger February 23, 2011
victor, I was simply responding to Joe's remark that it was "partly fictional." I watch the show, I enjoy the show. It's great television. It's a great drawing. Joe's work has become so familiar that one can often take for granted how great it is. I suggest everyone spend some time with this one.
Chris Spollen February 24, 2011
On a recent am cold morning bike ride I stumbled onto the HBO set for this series down by the water in an old bungalow colony. They were shooting an outdoor scene on Staten Island, had several nineteen something trucks lining the beach road looked nice. Back in January on way back from school saw the batmobile being shot at night from a scaffold above while in front of the Wall Street bull, good energy ,good art,good life.
john cuneo February 24, 2011
What a great drawing. Love how the disciplined patterns on the water and the boardwalk contrast with the fluid figure work. And that spectral, abandoned Buscemi head looks just right somehow . Wait- is that Paz la Vega with her clothes on?
Brian Taylor Illustration February 24, 2011
Wow. Just awesome!
Tim OBrien February 24, 2011
Nice freeness and color throughout. You're good no matter what.
Greg Clarke February 24, 2011
Great drawing. Great show (although not as great as The Sopranos!).
Alan Witschonke February 25, 2011
I'm always intrigued by your selective use of color, Joe. Always just the right touch.
David Flaherty February 26, 2011
Spot on!
Joe Ciardiello February 26, 2011
Thanks guys.
Hal Mayforth February 27, 2011
Great work, Joe. This series is on my list.
A.Richard Allen February 28, 2011
Was about to decry Skron's po-faced pedantry but I then found myself spending ages researching Nucky Johnson and finding the contrasts between the series and the historical facts fascinating. Good post, Joe.
Barry Blitt February 28, 2011
Love this drawing, but had to look up the meaning of "po-faced." [and as much as I hate to be po-faced myself, I need to point out to Cuneo that that's Paz de la Huerta, not Paz la Vega]
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