posted: August 8, 2011
Longing for those good old innocent days gone by....

Walter Vasconcelos August 8, 2011
You're right,Joe:-) Great drawing!
Steve Brodner August 8, 2011
Ciardiello meets Cuneo. I remember those days. I think I see my Uncle Murray. With the headband. Made like he didn't understand you. Hoover probably had a huge file on him too. Suuu-blime drawing.
Mark Fisher August 9, 2011
Hidey Ho Silver!
Tim OBrien August 9, 2011
Betty Page never looked better.
Rskey Hsogoe August 10, 2011
I never find out what drawing was until I met your works.
j cuneo August 10, 2011
Terrific. And good clean fun.
Randy Jones August 11, 2011
Very cool drawing. Earlier tonight, I was watching the PBS special on the Ed Sullivan show that had a lot of nostalgic icons on it. I don't know how innocent those days were,but,it's always fun to look back.
Joe Ciardiello August 12, 2011
Thanks for the comments, guys.
Marc August 12, 2011
The Wild West! Nice one, Joe.
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