Jimmy Smith
posted: December 8, 2011
Happy Birthday to the late great master of the Hammond B3....

Lou Beach December 8, 2011
The Sermon! Another great one, Joe. You know I always wanted to be a musician...closest I got was playing a saxophone,drunk, along to Horace Silver records, or doing lots of album covers in the days of 12" vinyl. So enjoy your musician portraits as I'm sure I've said before.
Mark Ulriksen December 8, 2011
Love the energy and the point of view. Another classic Joe.
Hal Mayforth December 9, 2011
Sublime illo, Joe. There has never been a musical instrument that has more mojo than a B3 and Smith was the best. I know what I'll be listening to today.
Alan Witschonke December 13, 2011
Your portraits are always fab, but you really click when doing musicians, as Lou says. Takes one to know one, I guess.
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