posted: March 12, 2014
This spring will mark my 40th year in this crazy biz (how did that happen?).
Here's a link to a recent interview I did with Neil Ardiff for his blog.
Tim OBrien March 12, 2014
I'll go to the link. But, I must say that 40 is probably one of the more spectacular achievements one could hope for. But you didn't just reach that 4 decade mark just making a living at this, you made that mark as a notable, A-Lister. You're having quite a career and it's nowhere near the finish line. Onto 50!
Walter Vasconcelos March 12, 2014
Great interview Joe! Great questions and a nice informal interview style.
f sock March 12, 2014
hey Joe, Did you know I'm related to Poe? Its true. Thats why I'm so screwed
Joe Ciardiello March 12, 2014
Didn't know that Sock. Explains a lot. Thanks Walter. Tim, thanks for those kind words.
Flaherty March 12, 2014
Way to go Joe! Don't tell Hively! ; )
Chris Spollen March 13, 2014
Nice Joe, very well thought out
Victor Juhasz March 13, 2014
I second Tim's observations. Looking at 40 in a few months as well. Cannot believe we've been crossing paths for more years than that as we went to Parsons together. Phew.
Paul Rogers March 13, 2014
Good to have you older guys to look up to. Great interview Joe.
Steve Brodner March 13, 2014
Joe: I remember seeing your work when I was in school and wanting to be like you when I grew up. I still feel the same way. I'm not sure I ever did grow up but still think you are without peer. And the music you make is more beautiful all the time. As the old Dorothy Fields / Jimmy McHugh song says, "you got the snap in your fingers, you got a rhythm in your walk, you're doin' okay, livin' in a great big way." Keep swingin'. At least 40 more.
Joe Ciardiello March 13, 2014
Thanks all. Dave, I think he probably knows. Chris, we go back all the way to the beginning. Vic, it's been a long road since those Parsons days. Paul, you whippersnapper. Steve, I must be older than I even thought, but thank you, I'm humbled.
Rob Dunlavey March 14, 2014
Steady on Joe. The best is yet to come!
john cuneo March 14, 2014
I'm with Steve. Somewhere here I've still got my aspirational little collection of your illos and articles torn from magazines over several decades. You keep drawing them - I'll keep clipping them. (You've done as much for the Rapidograph brand as Jordan has done for Nike. Surely by now they don't make you PAY for those pens, right? )
Robert Hunt March 16, 2014
Joe Ciardiello :American Master.
Joe Ciardiello March 16, 2014
Thanks Rob, John and Robert. Much appreciated.
Alan Witschonke March 17, 2014
It's not easy to stay at the top of ANY profession for 40 years, especially one that requires as much creativity and passion as Illustration. You have proven with your body of work that it is possible. Thanks, Joe.
Gothard March 17, 2014
Great interview, Joe. Am diggin the reference to Baskin and Levine.
Chris Buzelli March 22, 2014
Love hearing about your beginnings Joe. I can only hope that I'm still illustrating after 40 years and doing it as well as you. Great interview!
Joe Ciardiello March 22, 2014
Thanks Alan and Dave. Chris, one can only imagine the heights you'll have achieved by 40 yrs.
Victo Ngai March 25, 2014
40!! Congratssss! It's great to see your influences and thanks so much for the kind mention!! I hope you know how much I appreciate it!
Joe Ciardiello March 25, 2014
My pleasure, Victo and thanks.
Jeffrey Smith March 31, 2014
Congratulations Joe! Your work is terrific!
Julia Breckenreid April 2, 2014
Joe, that interview was a good read! Congratulations on 40 years - that amazes and inspires, but your work more so. ps - Please oh please do a drawing or two of Toronto's horrible current mayor... You would do him justice (someone should, for god's sake).
Jody Hewgill April 11, 2014
40 years ? wow! kudos to you, that is an impressive accomplishment! I think your work has always been stellar but I think it has become more loose and fresh over the years. Terrific interview! btw: which canadian politician were you working on ?
Joe Ciardiello April 11, 2014
Thanks Jeff, Julia and Jody. The politician was Jason Kenney
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