Robert Andrew Parker
posted: May 14, 2007
The great artist/illustrator Robert Andrew Parker turns 80 years old today. I've been very fortunate to have had a friendship with this remarkable man for over 15 years.
As a way of studio cleaning, I've offered to help him "unload" some of the illustration art he's accumulated over the past 50 years.
There will be a one time only sale of this work at the Society of Illustrators on Friday June 1st in the lower (basement) gallery from 5:30-8:30 pm. The prices are extremely reasonable (checks only, no cash please).
Hopefully some Drawgers in the area can make it.
Peter Hermann May 14, 2007
Please send my congratulations to the great artist Joe. Steven Hellers interview with him in the book: Innovators of American Illustration, has been a source of great inspiration and motivation for me. And his drawings and coloring are absolutely incredible. I wish I was in New York on june 1st.
Adam McCauley May 15, 2007
Hi Joe, Cool to see you post here! Please, wish Robert a big birthday from me. I was his student back in Parsons, doubt he remembers me but I feel so fortunate to have been his in his class, watchng him monoprint and tell us the crazy stories of his remarkable life As a drummer you must greatly appreciate his progeny! As an illustrator and artist, well what's there to say.
Joe Ciardiello May 15, 2007
I'll pass along the good wishes guys. Yeah Adam, 5 sons, 4 of which are drummers... and some great ones, amazing. Not to mention Bob, still giging regularly at 80!
David Gothard May 15, 2007
He's been a great inspiration for me all these years - a truly great artist. One of my points of pride is just the fact that we were repped by the same agent for many years. I felt the "force". Thanks for the tribute, Joe. I'll be there. Dave
Edel Rodriguez May 15, 2007
Joe, thanks for the heads up. Robert is one of my favorite artists. I'll check out the art sale at SI, very cool that it's happening.
Tom Barth November 11, 2010
I was fortunate enough to escort Robert to Rwanda when I was in the Air Force. My name is Tom Barth and now famous for "Tom Barth asleep", published in the New Yorker! While they had only a brief narrative of the trip, Robert wrote a more detailed one that I would like to get a copy of. Any suggestions on either contacting Robert or other thoughts? (I have the New Yorker article). Thanks!
Joe Ciardiello November 11, 2010
Hi Tom, I remember that Rwanda piece. If you email me: I can send you Bob's contact info.
Ben Greenfield March 31, 2012
Joe: I have some wonderful memories of growing up in a house filled with Robert's work... including one titled "Lazy Drummer." I hope I am not too late reaching out.
Joe Ciardiello March 31, 2012
Thanks for the comment Ben. Bob turns 85 in May.
Todd Williams May 18, 2017
Hi, I was hoping to find out whatever happened to the original art from the Illustrated Frankenstein that Mr. Parker did in the 80s. I have loved those images since I was a young boy and would like to know if they are in a gallery somewhere or (gasp) available to be purchased. Any kind of contact info or suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks
Jodi May 26, 2017
Do you have a way to contact Robert Andrew Parker? I have a drawing of his from 1954 and I'd love to know more about it. Having trouble getting in contact with him.
Joe Ciardiello May 26, 2017
Todd, I know some of the Frankenstein art has been sold. Not sure about the remaining pieces. Contact me via email (thru this site) and I can find out. Jodi, please contact me as well and I'll try to put you in touch with RAP.
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