Les Paul
posted: August 14, 2009
This piece was inspired by the death yesterday of guitar legend, inventor and multi-track recording pioneer, Les Paul.

Yuko Shimizu August 14, 2009
This is great. I especially love how the hands are drawn.. :-)
Wishawna August 14, 2009
I love the sparing use of color. Nice job!
John Dykes August 14, 2009
Love. I only wish I saw him play in NYC..... up until recently, I heard. Joe - Did you ever see him play?
Dugald Stermer August 14, 2009
Elegant, Joe. His hands indicate that you probably play the guitar.
john cuneo August 14, 2009
Joe Ciardiello August 14, 2009
Thanks Yuko and Wishawna (whoever you are) John - unfortunately, I never did see Les live. He was playing every week at Iridium in NYC. It's one of those things where you kind of take it for granted and mean to get there one day (afterall, he was only 94). Dugald - no I don't play guitar, but have been around plenty of players over the years. Thanks John C
Harry August 14, 2009
Nice piece Joe. Amazing to think how much he influenced music as we know it. A good long life.
Pjbf August 14, 2009
Lovely Joe, Les is more.
Michael Greaney August 14, 2009
Awesome piece, Love his expression, line work and the loose color.
Robert Saunders August 14, 2009
Joe, great life in this spontaneous portrait. I owe much of the Italian lire I earned during the 70's to my Les Paul, and found it to be an ideal player's axe. Good midrange with plenty of crunch, great intonation, and solid as a tank.
Marc August 14, 2009
I was waiting for you to do this, Joe. It's a beauty. Janice & I had the privilege of seeing Les Paul play in NY about 20 years ago, and we marveled at his energy and enthusiasm. A life well-lived.
Nancy Stahl August 14, 2009
A beautiful portrait that really captures him. The clips I saw the other night show what a full, long life he had. Why didn't I ever make it to the Iridium on a Monday night? I set out to go several times. I hope we all can keep that kind of enthusiasm for what we do going as long as he did. That would be something..!
Alan Witschonke August 14, 2009
I was wondering if anyone would pay homage to Les Paul and your beautiful portrait is a fitting tribute to the man. He influenced so many in music and I don't think it's hyperbole to say that his innovations changed the course of music. Great job.
Paul Rogers August 14, 2009
Les is now playing with Eddie Lang every night. Beautiful,soulful drawing Joe
Kyle T Webster August 14, 2009
One feels real joy in those eyes - excellent tribute.
Victor Juhasz August 14, 2009
A master drawing a master.
Joe Ciardiello August 15, 2009
Thanks for the nice comments, guys.
Tim OBrien August 15, 2009
Wonderful tribute Joe.
randy enos August 15, 2009
Beautiful watercolor touches, beautiful lettering at the bottom and beautiful likeness of an icon.
Marcellus Hall August 15, 2009
Robert Hunt August 15, 2009
What a beautiful drawing! Really great.
Chris Spollen August 16, 2009
Yes," How high the Moon" first use of double track great drawing,truly an amazing man
Mark Fisher August 17, 2009
Lovely portrait.
Cathleen Toelke August 17, 2009
Yes, the delicate color and hands in this one are beautiful, Joe, as is the looseness of the line and all. donebest
Hanoch Piven August 18, 2009
Don't know the guy (duh) but this is beautiful Joe. Specially the color combination the looseness and the expression.
peter cusack August 18, 2009
wow you really captured him and all the his subtle characteristics. what a roll model for all artists.
Joe Ciardiello August 18, 2009
Thanks Peter and all. Much appreciated.
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