posted: October 21, 2009
Thelonious Monk for NY Times Book Review

Paul Rogers October 21, 2009
Monk is the best and you are the king!
Rob Sussman October 21, 2009
Gorgeous. (Those hands!)
Kyle T Webster October 22, 2009
So many different kinds of marks, yet it all holds together so well. You're in another league. I wish you posted more often!
Steve B October 22, 2009
Yep, the hands and what you do with background. And that soaring galaxy of black. PS: I knew someone who was the daughter of a music exec in Detroit in the 50's. Monk was a frequent visitor to their house. She told me all the kids would call him Balonius. I can see him getting a kick out of that. Did I say this was beautiful?
Marc October 22, 2009
Love it, Joe.
Andy Ward October 22, 2009
I love this piece Joe. There are some rough, rough images of monk floating around out there, you're way ahead of the bunch..his music has an excited, child like quality and i get that in your piece. A beauty!
Robert Saunders October 22, 2009
Great depiction of Monk, with his fingers tickling those ivories.
Gothard October 22, 2009
Deftly drawn with imagination...the way I think of Monk's music.
Leo Espinosa October 22, 2009
it comes with sound!
john cuneo October 22, 2009
The alchemy of reinventing & reanimating an image culled from familiar reference, with nothing but line, black ink and balls. Not in that order.
Dale Stephanos October 22, 2009
This is just gorgeous. When I saw it in the paper I stared at it for about 10 minutes. As Kyle mentioned, all those different marks - like notes that shouldn't go together but do so magically - just like Monk's music.
Drew Friedman October 22, 2009
lovely image. Perfect.
Julia Breckenreid October 22, 2009
Nice! (as always) ... Wish I had been able to stick around and talk to you Saturday night Joe...
Harry Campbell October 22, 2009
Really nice Joe.
Cathleen Toelke October 22, 2009
Yes! Love all the expressive textures and black brushwork.
Michael Sloan October 22, 2009
Hi Joe - I saw this in the paper. It looks great.
fiedler October 22, 2009
Joe Ciardiello October 22, 2009
Thanks for all the thoughtful comments.
felix s October 22, 2009
Chris Whetzel October 22, 2009
Victor Juhasz October 22, 2009
Joe, You are remarkable in your skills at balancing line with brushwork, open space with black, This is a beautiful Monk.
Walter Vasconcelos October 23, 2009
Beautiful line work Joe.
Alan Witschonke October 23, 2009
A dream assignment given to the right guy. It's a spot-on likeness with an economy of line, like Monk's music: economical. The little ink splatters around his hands really imply the energy and forcefulness with which he played.
randy enos October 27, 2009
It's all in the fingers...yours and his.
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