posted: September 12, 2010
This drawing ran recently in the NY Times BR to accompany a review of the new book by Sean Wilentz called "Bob Dylan In America". It was one of those rare, but fortunate instances where I happen to already have a portrait (I did for myself) that I really liked (the rare part) and the Times was willing to run. Thanks to Cathy Gilmore-Barnes, the fill in AD on this. Bruce Handy wrote the review.
blitt September 12, 2010
Very Ciardiellic. Love it.
Drew Friedman September 12, 2010
Yup, great.
Stephen Kroninger September 12, 2010
I opened the paper last week and I knew I'd seen this drawing before. Here. In your galleries. Fantastic piece.
Chris Spolen September 13, 2010
This is a great one !!!!,love the solid black with the line,the face is dead on!
Christoph Hitz September 13, 2010
Sometimes they do the right publish a superb drawing.
KOEB September 13, 2010
really great one!
Brian Taylor Illustration September 13, 2010
Yeah, love the black on this one!
Jim Paillot September 13, 2010
Terrific. The solid black hat is killer.
Joe Ciardiello September 13, 2010
Thanks all.
Nancy Stahl September 14, 2010
The planets aligned and the heavens opened up. Congratulations, Joe. It's a beaut..!
Pete Ellis September 26, 2010
Great drawing!
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