Joe Ciardiello


Recent Work

NOVEMBER 18, 2013

It's been a while since I've posted any assignments, so here are a few recent ones.

Kenyon College recruitment poster for Landesberg Design

Full page opener for a Playboy Magazine article about which generation is the best.

For USA Today Travel Magazine about restoring Johnny Cash's boyhood home.

A couple of portraits from several done for an article on the Enlightenment for Williams College Magazine.

Smokey Robinson for a special issue of Smithsonian Magazine devoted to the 50th Anniversary of the Beatles in America. Various musical artists reminisce about the impact the Beatles had on them.

Drummer Jim Keltner for the same Smithsonian issue.

Spaghetti Journal

JULY 11, 2013

A few months back I posted about a personal project I'm working on dealing with the pop culture of my youth and western mythology (American & Italian). Here are a few more drawings. The blog is at

Buon appetito!

The William Tell Overture can only signal one thing.

It's Only Rock & Roll

APRIL 8, 2013
The Stones keep rolling. Continuing their 50th anniversary tour.

Once Upon A Time In The East

FEBRUARY 15, 2013

I've been developing a personal project that's been on the back burner for quite a while (too long, actually). I don't know, maybe it's age related, but I've been in a reflective mood lately. So, I finally decided to stop procrastinating and put these drawings out there for whatever it's worth.

It's sort of a graphic journal referencing the pop (and pulp) culture I grew up with...  American and Italian, historical and myth, high and lowbrow, good, bad and ugly.

I've started a separate blog for this project at

Some of the drawings are below.