Taschen Portraits
posted: June 8, 2011
I'm pleased to be included in the new Taschen book: ILLUSTRATION NOW! PORTRAITS. These are the pieces of mine that were selected among the 80 plus international artists (including a number of drawger members). I haven't actually gotten a copy yet, so I don't have the complete list.

Mark Fisher June 8, 2011
Congratulations Joe! You 'Made my day' with the Eastwood portrait, a real beauty!
Victor Juhasz June 8, 2011
All beauts. Congrats on the Taschen book.
Richard Downs June 9, 2011
Congrats, Joe. Those are some fine drawings.
Chris Spollen June 9, 2011
Congrads Joe!
Ken Anderson June 9, 2011
Fantastico! Viva l'Ciardiello!
Brian Taylor Illustration June 9, 2011
Your Eastwood puts all others to shame!!
Ellen Weinstein June 9, 2011
All beauts and well deserved!
mitch shostak June 9, 2011
This just validates all the Ciadiello postcards that are pinned up all over my office. Do ya think the book would stay up with just one pushpin???
Alex Nabaum June 9, 2011
Wow, if I need to thaw out some frozen chicken, I'll just put in front of that Eastwood gaze. Perfect!
Robert Saunders June 9, 2011
Masterpieces of pen and ink!
Jim Paillot June 10, 2011
Way to go, Joe. These are killer.
Tim OBrien June 10, 2011
Ok, I got over NOT being asked to be in the Taschen book. It took 24 hours. Now onto you. Your work is probably among the most original line work I've ever seen. The marks are immediately known as yours and congrats on the honor. Now if they had only asked me I would have... THERE I GO AGAIN! Damn insecurity! Congrats!
Joe Ciardiello June 10, 2011
Thanks Tim and all for the compliments. I never understand how decisions are made about who to include in collections like these. So many really deserving artists are often left out. Nice to hear from you Mitch, you might want to consider 2 pushpins.
harry June 13, 2011
All beautiful. Would like to have that book. Will keep an eye out. Still haven't framed my original Ciardiello from the 100 Heads of Haiti show.
Joe Ciardiello June 13, 2011
Hey thanks Harry for purchasing the "Haiti" head. I just received my copy of the book today, so it's probably available.
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